Visitor Guide
  • Q: What is your church like?
  • A: Our Church is a most welcoming and family friendly environment, where ALL are welcome!
  • Q: Where is your Church located?
  • A: We are located at 250 W. Decatur St. You can find us HERE
  • Q: What time does your service start?
  • A: Our Sunday service start at 9:30AM
  • Q:What about my kids?
  • A:We love kids and welcome them in worship, we support families worshiping together.
  • Q:What do I wear?
  • A: Please dress as you are comfortable for worship.
  • Q:How can I get connected?
  • A:Find us on Facebook @ First Lutheran Church, Decatur, Il

Planning your visit? Email us at to let us know you're coming. We would love to show you around!